American Northwest College, Washington, U.S.

American Northwest College (ANC) is an institution that offers educational programs solely for the membership of bona fide professional organizations.

American Northwest College (ANC) is exempted by the Washington Workforce Training and Education Coordinating Board under the provisions of Chapter 28C.10 RCW to offer educational programs solely for the membership of a bona fide trade, business, professional, or fraternal organization.

ANC courses are offered exclusively for the membership of the Oregon Institute of International Education (OIIE), United States and select professional organizations whom it has formal partnership with.

Our courses are a stepping stone for the members. It is a journey focused on one's self development for common growth. It can be helpful to be effective in specific areas of interest and offers a chance to develop practical skills that can be helpful in future no matter what the next step is.  Skills and education obtained through our courses helps members to improve their confidence and understanding on their respective interest and expertise.

Mission Statement
To provide aspiring individuals with the foundations to suit their needs to be part of the global community 
To build a global network for growth and development, across both personal and professional domains
To create a pathway for personal success, helping people worldwide to realize their potential